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Brick Paver Sealing

Brick Paver Driveway and Pool Deck Pressure Cleaning and Sealing Company, Fort Lauderdale

Your brick paver driveway or pool deck needs to be maintained regularly. With proper maintenance such as pressure cleaning and sealing, you are protecting your investment. Sealing brick pavers protects them from staining such as oil spots, or regular wear and tear from the sun, rain or simply driving on your driveway. Over time pool deck brick pavers may also lose their shine due to chlorine use around your pool. Sealing your pool deck brick pavers preserves the color and protects them for several years. Sealing your brick pavers also allows them to not soak in dirt and oils and aids in being able to simply hose off your pavers to keep them clean.

There are different types of brick paver sealers on the market. We are often asked if there will be a sheen or shine on brick pavers once they are sealed. Normally depending on the type of brick paver that is used around pool decks or driveways such as it being marble or regular pavers is the deciding factor on what type of sealer you should use. You would not want to make your marble driveway or pool deck to slick when sealing and running the risk of someone falling.

We use top of the line products for sealing your pool deck or driveway that lasts for years. We often recommend that you clean and seal your driveway or pool deck every two to three years.

Depending on the size of the job, we generally can pressure clean and seal your driveway or pool deck within 2 days time obviously weather permitting. We will not seal when it rains. We also highly recommend applying two coats of sealer depending on what is needed.

A simple way of needing to know if your brick pavers need to be pressure cleaned and sealed is to check if water pools or beads on them. Also if the brick pavers or marble has not been pressure cleaned and sealed properly in a few years, then it is definitely time to get it done.

We have also met with customers that have had an improper pressure washing and sealing job previously of their driveway or pool deck. What we have encountered with these customers are other company’s sealing the pavers before they were fully dried. Your pavers and marble are incredibly pourous. Moisture and water gets trapped on the paver after it is sealed. This leaves an ugly white cloudy film on your brick pavers. When we meet with customers their first question to us is can you fix this?

Depending on the amount of cloudy residue on your brick pavers varies. We provide free brick paver pressure washing and sealing estimates to homeowners a businesses. If you need your brick paver driveway or marble pool deck pressure cleaned, re-sanded and sealed, contact us today.

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